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Create Body Confidence with Ease

The era requiring surgery to contour your body as you see fit is over thanks to truBody. This innovative solution merges two advanced technologies, truSculpt and truFlex, to offer a tailored, convenient, and comfortable treatment experience with reliable results. truBody technology is the edge you need for the look you desire.

  • Non-invasive and comfortable, with little to no pain and zero downtime
  • Fast treatment sessions
  • Isolate and target the areas you want to improve 
  • Treat multiple areas simultaneously
  • Results after one treatment series

Melt Away Stubborn Fat with truSculpt

truSculpt employs radio-frequency technology to target and heat fat cells beneath the skin’s surface, which is extremely effective for the permanent removal of stubborn fat. A treatment session is a mere 15 minutes in length and has been compared to receiving a hot stone massage. Notably, there’s no need for any recovery period after a truSculpt treatment.

  • Eliminate stubborn fat resistant to diet and exercise
  • Target unwanted fat around the waistline
  • Comfortable, with little to no pain and zero downtime
  • Visible results after one treatment, with optimal results seen after 12 weeks

Kamloops TruFlex Muscle Sculpting: A Revolutionary Approach

Discover truFlex at Esteem Wellness, Kamloops’ gateway to cutting-edge muscle sculpting technology. Say goodbye to the old mantra of “No pain, no gain.” With truFlex, you can achieve up to 54,000 muscle contractions in just 15 minutes without any pain or lactic acid build-up.

truFlex is not just any muscle-stimulating device. It employs Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) technology, tailored to your fitness level, body shape, and personal goals, all within a 15-minute session. The absence of lactic acid build-up means you can enjoy a high-intensity workout without the associated soreness, stepping closer to becoming your strongest self without the limitations of conventional gym workouts.

  • Treats 8 areas simultaneously
  • Targets abdomen, obliques, thighs, glutes
  • Up to 54,000 contractions per session
  • Non-invasive, comfortable, with zero downtime
  • Optimal results seen after 4-6 treatments
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Body Contouring Pricing

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