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Massage Therapy

Experience Tranquility and Rejuvenation

Esteem Wellness’ massage treatments are designed to enhance your overall health and well-being, offering you much-needed relief from muscle discomfort and stress after a busy work week. Choose from our range of massages to find your perfect escape.
Facial Treatments

Nourish and Revitalize Your Skin

Our facial treatments are tailored to meet your skin’s unique needs, by using the highest-quality products and techniques to leave you with glowing skin. We proudly offer Herbs2Peel facial peels by Alex Cosmetics. A proven, organic method of skin peeling used to treat many different skin problems. Based on traditional medicine perfected over time, Alex Cosmetics created a unique formula that is unrivalled. A quick and safe method to renew and regenerate skin in 1 day. Free of chemical additives and synthetic abrasives, this treatment consists of herbs that are cultivated under pure conditions. Treatment improves blood circulation, induces skin regeneration and increases cellular turnover.

We welcome you to book a free consultation just prior to your first facial appointment. Our medical aesthetician will review the process and make note of your concerns in order to provide the treatment that best suits your needs.

Facial Treatments

Beauty Peel Treatments

Our Herbs2Peel Beauty Peel treatments involve a 5-step process. The initial 3 steps – CLEANSE, OPEN, and TONE are generally consistent across all skin types. The fourth step, CORRECT, is tailored to address specific skin conditions, while the final step, PROTECT, culminates with the luxurious and hydrating BB Cream. Please note that we will send you home with some treatment, follow up product and care guidelines. 

Additional Care

Indulge in Extra Care With These Options

Disclaimer: Packages are build for your perfect spa day! Package items are not to be serviced separately.

For all pricing, tax and gratuity are not included. All pricing subject to change without notice. Shortly after the time of booking, you will be requested to make a deposit to hold your reservation.