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About Us

Achieving your wellness and body goals with Us

We’ve been helping people reach their wellness goals for over 10 years! Having experienced the magic of our weight loss protocol and wanting to share it with others, we opened the doors of Pratt’s Wellness and Weight Loss Inc. in September 2013. And now our personal experience has led us to a place of rebranding and relaunching with the addition of truBody body sculpting, aesthetic services and wellness treatments.

We are so excited to offer not only a lifestyle protocol that works from the inside out, but also medical aesthetic treatments that work from the outside in! Achieving your wellness and body goals just got easier with Esteem Aesthetics & Wellness.

Our Services

What We Offer To You

Weight Loss Service

Employing a renowned protocol, quality coaching, and expert education to help people unlock their power within and reach their weight loss health goals. Meeting you where you are with our caring engagement model.

truBody Sculpting Service

The most comprehensive body and muscle sculpting treatments to remove fat, build muscle and renew skin. We are proud to announce that we have invested in truBody by Cutera in Kamloops. This cutting-edge technology will be an added benefit to anyone who wants to refine and shape their body’s contour, break through plateaus, and build muscle.

Aesthetics Service

Using a holistic and consultative approach for restoration and relaxation, our facials and massage will be sure to play a crucial role in enhancing your overall health and well-being. Using only the best products and with customized treatments for the best results. Whether you’re looking to achieve an instant glow for this weekend’s event, treat acne-prone or dehydrated skin, or just want to invest in some self care, our expert aestheticians are here to help you achieve your goals.

Satisfied Customers

What People Say About Us


“Sherri was a wonderful “first contact person“ to have as began my journey. She is obviously very knowledgeable, organized and empathic. She thoroughly explained how and why the program promotes weight loss and healthy holistic lifestyle changes, in a “user-friendly “ manner. Her wonderful sense of humour dissipated my anxiety and made the experience enjoyable. Sherri’s professional background in nursing and addictions and mental health is a perfect fit with her job with Ideal Protein. It created a belief that my experience with this program will be safe and achievable! I really look forward to working with her!”

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Janis O.


“I appreciate Leea’s gentle nature and her encouragement! All my questions were answered. I felt great about my week’s progress! This is going to be a wonderful journey!”

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Carolyn E.


“Great meeting and getting the program underway. Very clear information was provided. I finished the appointment feeling confident in the information given and look forward to this program.”

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Dave E.


“I started my Journey in March 2022. I was super nervous to begin but was welcomed with open arms and no judgement. My coach and the whole team have made this entire experience easier than expected and I’m so glad I took the plunge!”

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Tara W.


“Ideal Protein was the most effective weight loss plan for me. Thanks to my Coach Kelly, and my dedication, I lost 60 lbs in just 5 months. My cholesterol normalized for the first time in two decades and my wife is very happy because I snore less often, if at all. I recommend Ideal Protein to everyone that I know who is struggling with their weight and health.”

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Jim R.


“So easy to follow and the support is awesome. Totally changes the way you want to eat.”

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Brenda E.


Hello, I just wanted to share that I had a Brightening B peel facial at Esteem Aesthetic & Wellness last week. Janaiah was very professional, She explained every step of the facial, and it was just a wonderful experience. I was so relaxed I nearly fell asleep, which never happens for me. My skin was glowing, and felt so soft and smooth afterwards. I definitely recommend this treatment and will book another facial in the future myself.

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Lyne G.


What an amazing facial from Janaiah this morning. I had the Brightening Peel Facial. She explained everything step by step, which I found very informative. She’s a sweetheart, takes her time, no rushing at all, and so personable! I could tell she loves being an esthetician, which she’s very good at! I’ll be returning and I can’t wait. Thanks so very much Janaiah…really enjoyed our conversation as well💓💓 I love Esteem Aesthetics & Wellness!!

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Treatment packages of $3000 or higher currently qualify for the following options:

12 months


18 months


24 months


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We’re on a mission to make confidence easy by offering a premium place to enjoy self-care such as skin rejuvenation, weight loss, body sculpting and massage.

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We’re on a mission to make confidence easy by offering a premium place to enjoy self-care such as skin rejuvenation, weight loss, body sculpting and massage.

In exchange for your opinions and support during our launch, Esteem Elite will give you access to priority booking, ridiculous monthly discounts, and a direct concierge to make things easy.

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Cindy Novakowski

Owner, Manager

Over the course of many years, I have faced a wide range of personal wellness challenges and triumphs, spanning from my childbearing years to navigating menopause. I know firsthand the struggles that many women encounter with self-confidence, self-sabotage, and self-love. More than 11 years ago, I made a positive change by embarking on the Ideal Protein weight loss protocol. I am grateful every day for the valuable lessons it has taught me and the growth it has facilitated in my personal wellness journey. Now, having discovered the benefits of body sculpting with truBody as an additional method to support wellness goals, I am confident that you too will find the assistance and solutions you seek to achieve your objectives here at Esteem Aesthetics & Wellness.

Chris Cameron

Pharmacist, Owner

A pharmacist owning Pratt’s Compounding Pharmacy, I have the pleasure of providing comfort and care to my patients through tailored formulations and treatments. I am a huge proponent of preventative medicine and believe in taking control of things we can – such as risk factors for diabetes, heart disease and the general ageing process. My own personal success with our weight loss program and our body sculpting treatments is the driving force behind championing others to reach their wellness goals. There’s no greater gratification than helping our patients achieve results they once thought were unobtainable.

Sherri Hevenor

Registered Nurse, Clinical Director

At the age of 60, I sat in front of my Family Physician wondering how I got to this place of such ill health. I was 5’2” 250 lbs, a diabetic on large doses of insulin, along with high blood pressure and cholesterol medication. X-rays showed I needed two knee replacements. I couldn’t tie my own shoes or walk without support. I was a medical mess. I asked myself, how did I as a Registered Nurse get to this state of health? I had just received the news that I was going to be a first-time grandmother and I was terrified I wouldn’t be alive to experience any of this joy. I sat there asking my Physician what I should do. He suggested the program offered at Pratt’s Wellness, as he had other patients who had been very successful with the program.

I came to my initial consultation very leery as I thought it was just “another diet”. The coach I was assigned was amazing and was by my side the whole way through. Coaching is such a key aspect of the success of the program. She was by my side through the good times and the hard times and saw me through to the end. I lost 130lbs and came off all my diabetic medication along with the blood pressure and cholesterol medications. I did not have knee surgery and I ran a ½ marathon and continue to run 5 km two to three times a week. I bike ride, canoe, hike, golf and most of all I enjoy being active with my granddaughter. It does my heart well to hear her say “Chase me grandma” and I can.

I am now the Clinical Director at Pratt’s and feel blessed to be able to share my journey and experience with others. It feels good to be an example that anything is possible and it is never too late to change your life around. We are in control of our own destination, not food. Now at my visits with my Physician, we sit quietly in amazement, as we both realize the success of my journey.

Janaiah Orsetti

Medical Aesthetician, Weight Loss Coach

Hi there! I’m Janaiah Orsetti, a passionate medical aesthetician and weight loss coach. I have always been fascinated by the connection between inner and outer beauty, and how taking care of ourselves from the inside out can truly transform our lives.

As a medical aesthetician, I have the privilege of helping my clients feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. I am trained in a variety of treatments and techniques to address any skin concerns and help my clients achieve their desired results. From acne to anti-aging, I am dedicated to finding the best solutions for each individual.

In addition to my work as an aesthetician, I am also a weightloss coach. I believe that true beauty starts from within, and that taking care of our bodies is just as important as taking care of our skin. I am passionate about helping my clients reach their health and wellness goals. I hope to inspire others to make their health a priority and to never neglect their own well-being.

Before starting at the clinic I was working through my own weightloss challenges, I had lost around 45 Ibs on my own through diet, lifestyle changes and exercise. I have now lost my last 15 pounds since working here and feel healthier than ever.

Looking back, I am grateful for my age and the opportunity to learn about the importance of self-care and prioritizing my health. I know that this is a journey that will continue for the rest of my life, but I am committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and helping others do the same. After all, we only have one body and mind, and it’s important to take care of them.

I am dedicated to helping others look and feel their best, and I am excited to join you on your journey to self-care and self-love. Let’s work together to achieve your goals and create a healthier, happier you.

Leea Hillis

Weight Loss Coach

I have been with the Esteem clinic for over 3 years now. I absolutely love coming to work each day and consider myself incredibly lucky to have this career. Not only has it given me the opportunity to make my weight loss goal a reality, but as well I get to be a part of making others’ hopes and dreams come true. I love that I can honestly help clients reach goals that they didn’t think were achievable. Best of all, I get the opportunity to help clients learn new skills to make great healthy food choices and dismantle the habits and thoughts that made food their enemy or their crutch when life gets tough.